• Storytelling

    “The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon.”

    -- Brandon Sanderson

    Enough Room

    What happens when we see the person in front of us, rather than the issue?


    Enough Room is a social impact comedic short film ​tackling the issues of passive racism, societal expectations, and inviting authentic connections in the face of adversity.


    Join the movement at www.EnoughRoomProject.com


    The Storytellers

    Enough Room is inspired by a true story. Here are the women behind the movement.

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    Bobbie Becerra

    Executive Producer

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    Christianna Carmine

    Director | Producer

    Local Storytelling

    Sharing stories with a live audience is a great way to build connection and engagement.

    The storytelling community in Los Angeles offers a number of shows every week, all with their own flavor and mix of fun!


    Check out the links below to find out about some of the shows Bobbie has performed in.

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    t: @Crazy_Dates  fb: @AllTheCrazyDates
    BUSted Los Angeles featured in the Daily News
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    fb: @LyricallySpeaking
    t: @SouthernBlend

    Bobbie has been a featured performer at multiple shows and podcasts in Los Angeles

    Show & Producer


    Shoot 'Em Up - The Storytellers

    - Producers: Gary Buchler & Monte LaMonte


    All the Crazy Dates

    - Producers: Lichelli Lazar-Lea & Caroline Weiss


    All the Feels

    - Producer: Monte LaMonte



    The Otter Story Hour

    - Producer: Rex McDaniel


    Southern Blend Storytelling

    - Producer: Bella Cosper


    Lyrically Speaking Mixed Mic

    - Producer: Cynthia Johnson-Smith




    BUSted! Los Angeles

    (Live storytelling show and podcast)

    - Producer: Scott Schultz


    That's ShoeBiz

    - Producer: Geoff Schoenberg


    Muse Lit Salon

    - Producer: Chris Korbel