• Learning to Take It

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    Bobbie's personal memoir,

    Learning to Take It: How I Grew to Accept Abuse,

    is available on Amazon and other bookstores.


    The objective of this work is to promote awareness and contribute to the discussion of child abuse

    and domestic violence.



    Bobbie speaks to the masses as a Thriving Survivor - Wonderful piece! 

    Bobbie Becerra has intricately woven what is birthed through tragedy to a testimony that is a tool to educate, empower and encourage victims/survivors of traumatic experiences such as abuse (all forms). While the experience of abuse is horrid, her story/testimony has the underlying truth of who/where/when abuse develops. Great read!

    - Sonya, Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation, Duluth, GA


    Powerful writing about an important topic – The author Bobbie Becerra manages to walk the delicate line between captivating storyteller and thought-provoking advocate. Whether you find commonality in her story or you have never experienced anything horrific in your relationships, this book will open your eyes and its message will stick with you.

    - Rachel, Amazon Reader


    Insightful and well-written Learning to Take It is a must read for anyone trying to understand what goes on in the heart and mind of a child experiencing abuse. It is very insightful and well-written. Thank you, Bobbie for taking the risk of being vulnerable with your memoirs in order to experience more meaningful relationships with others.

    - Connie, Simi Valley, CA


    Important for those who've suffered abuse, and also for those who want to understand their struggles. It's also important for parents who want to protect children from sexual abuse.

    - Gretchen, Goldendale, WA